“The Loue-shelter is the only open-fire-shelter that is truly Finnish. The useful fabric, designed to shelter a traveller has a long and intertesting history”, says Joppe Ranta, outdoor-journalist aka The Forest Finn. He has studied the history of the Loue-fabric and has worked to revitalize the Loue-culture.

The Loue is a frabric, cut to be wedgelike from the front and round from the back. The top-corner of the fabric is hung from a tree or a pole. The half-circle shaped back is attached to the ground with pegs.

The pictured Loue has served rovers and hikers for over 80 years. Unfortunately in the last few years the loue has been disappearing from use. However the shelter is now available to buy and in the midst of the growing retro-outdoor-culture the loue shelter can be reborn.